“When I began personal coaching with Kristen, I was in a pretty stuck place in my life. Things that use to be routine for my wellbeing had disappeared and I just couldn’t figure out how to get back on my path and express who I know myself to be at my highest self. Working with her has been nothing short of transformative. I have lost 16 lbs., I have my workout groove back and simply put, I am high on life. My business is thriving and I feel inspired daily. My heart is filled with gratitude for the joy I feel and the changes in my life. Kristen is a truly gifted, skilled and compassionate coach.”
Brenda McCool
“Working with Kristen is truly life changing. She is so passionate, loves what she does and only has your best interest. She is honest, direct and gives you a different perspective of life. The work we did in 3 months to change a negative mindset was more impactful and powerful than any work I’ve done in the last 15 years with other methods. I cannot express enough that if you are even thinking about working with her, it is money well spent and you will probably walk away with more than you even were looking for!”
Farrah Samadi
“Kristen is an excellent coach. I am so grateful for the coaching experience I had with her and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Kristen is insightful, caring, and helps you arrive at the place you want to be in life even if you don’t know where that was when you started. When I started my coaching session with Kristen, I wasn’t in a good place. I wasn’t feeling well in my life. I didn’t enjoy my work and I felt stuck. I knew I wanted more from life and myself, but I didn’t know what I wanted long term or how to make myself feel better. Fast forward three months and I feel better than I ever have. I also have a clear vision of what I want in life and a plan to achieve it. Kristen helped me create the life I’ve always wanted. She also helped me realize what I wanted out of life. I gained so much clarity from this experience. I also am loving my life so much more and I’ve adopted some habits that enhance my life. Kristen is an amazing coach and I’d highly recommend her to anyone! “
Samantha Fournier
“I found Kristen at my lowest point of my life. I was miserable. For years I have been struggling with finding my purpose. I needed help. Kristen changed my life! She opened a door to a world that I didn’t know existed. I worked with her for 3 months and the money I spent was so worth it. I am well on my way to the life that I have always wanted to live. I am happier!!! I started to create and implement boundaries with the people all around me. That alone has made such a huge difference in my well being. I have started to get a hold of my emotions and be more understanding with those around me. My professional life has also started to move forward in a wonderful way. I didn’t even know I could live such a peaceful life. If you are ready for a change then Kristen is the person for you. I am glad I invested in myself. Thank you Kristen!!!”
Liz Trinidad
“Kristen is amazing! She is so good at what she does. Kristen is extremely caring, thoughtful, and insightful. I worked with her during some of the hardest times in my life. Since working with Kristen, I’ve been doing great. She truly helped me feel better than I ever thought I could. I am so well-equipped now with tools to get me through anything that might come my way. I loved how Kristen was able to get to the root cause of whatever I may have presented as my problem. It was so inspiring to work with her. In our time together, I was able to enhance many aspects of my life, whether it be my relationships, life purpose, health, or simply the ability to love life again and find joy. Kristen exceeded my expectations of a coach. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for more out of life.”
Sophia Hopwood
“I feel truly blessed to have Kristen in my life. When I found her, I was not in a good place. I was unhappy and unfulfilled and found it difficult to enjoy the beautiful life I was given. In working with her, I rediscovered myself and who I am meant to be in this life. I never would have believed that I could start my own business and work with as many wonderful people as I do all the while doing something I love. It is possible and I am so grateful for Kristen who taught me the tools and mindset I needed to get here.”
Corinne DaSilva
““Kristen has provided me with the support and tools for expansion that were everything I was looking for and more. She was able to help me realize my greatness and through her support I have been able to take real life every day actions towards my dream life. If you work with Kristen and commit to implementing the tools she provides you with you will experience miracles in your own life.”
Courtney Colella
I contacted Kristen because I was feeling “stuck” in my job. She sent me on an unexpected spiritual journey that ultimately showed me that my job wasn’t the problem. The noise in my life was the problem…and noise includes negative thoughts, the “stuff” that accumulates in your house that no longer serves you, unhealthy eating, and a host of other contributors. After following her very personalized, thoughtful instructions, I quieted the noise, and I’ve never felt better. I learned to trust my intuition and let it guide me towards my purpose. It worked: I was offered a job that is perfect for me and, of course, I accepted.”
Evelyn Cohen
I started working with Kristen just a few months ago and with her help I was able to make some very necessary and significant life changes that I never imagined I could possibly do. One of the things I love most about her is that she is 100% in your corner and genuinely believes in your ability to succeed and live your best life. With her encouragement, enthusiasm, and expertise I have completely changed my mindset and approach to life in a way that has already opened many doors for me and has improved my relationships, health, and career path. I highly recommend working with Kristen and seeing what doors will open for you that you never imagined.”
Devon Kwassman
I’m so glad that I found Kristen and gave her a call. Her unique approach helped me process and overcome both personal and professional challenges I was facing at the time. Even more valuable, she gave me practical and effective tools that I use on a daily basis to keep shining no matter what comes my way! Kristen is easy to talk to and I looked forward to each of our meetings because I always left feeling stronger.”
Katie Kervick
Kristen, just wanted to thank you for helping me become the person that I am today; to have love for myself, to be comfortable in my own skin, to be able to “date” myself. But most especially, to help me be open to my spiritual being, get to know my spiritual being, and be open and aware of the angels and their guidance and to have been introduced to the incredible power of Positive Vibes and that AMAZING things that can happen with all that working hand in hand. SO THANK YOU!”
Gem Jamandre
“Kristen is an excellent coach! Not only has she done a great job keeping me on track with helping me achieve my goals, but she has completely changed my life. Her coaching has made such a positive impact on me, personally and professionally, that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help and for that I’m truly grateful.”
Vicky Valery
“Kristen is a fantastic coach! Her approach to coaching me as a whole person helped me open up to the various ways I could help myself personally and professionally. She has such a kind spirit and a great way of putting things in perspective. Her energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. I always left our sessions uplifted and prepared to handle what was in front of me. She gave me confidence and the tools needed to really understand what it means to look inward. Through my work with her I have come to the great understanding that everything we need in this life already lives inside of us, it’s just a matter of understanding how to access our own personal power.”
Megan Fitzgerald
“I’m so blessed and grateful to be working with Kristen as I progress down my life path.  She has helped me blossom and grow into the person that I truly am meant to be – a strong, confident, empowered woman. I no longer shrink and hide from life’s challenges, but face them head on with grace and determination. Kristen’s empathic and intuitive nature helps you tap into the real root of your problem or situation and gently helps you open up and find your own solution.”
Jennifer Krein
“I would like to say thank you for being such a great coach and inspirational person to me. I already feel many benefits of working with you and I notice that I often reflect back to our discussions for guidance, motivation, and positive reinforcement. You were so right when you said, that when I align with my true purpose in life, the Universe will provide me with clues and all that I need to be able to grow and expand in that area!  I feel clues, blessings, and tangible gifts coming my way daily. Things just started working out in a way that I did not believe they could. I feel that every area of my life is improving.”
Joanna E.
“Kristen has opened my eyes to see the brilliance in myself and for that, I am grateful. My intent when I began working with Kristen was to launch a product that I had been working on for a few years, but the real launch was my authentic self! Her keen perception, insight, and guidance showed me how to tap into the endless possibilities we are all blessed with. Kristen’s beautiful spirit fills the room making for such wonderful coaching sessions! I’m so grateful for our time together and look forward to meeting again. And trademarking my product materialized as well! Much Joy!”
Carole Phelan
“Kristen Werblow is truly as good as it gets! Her energy is contagious leaving you wanting to learn more and be the best that you can be. She shows you how to handle every situation from the viewpoint of knowing and without fear. Her work is life-changing in every way possible. Ask for Kristen’s help now; you are worth it!”
Barbara Hartigan
“I first met Kristen, when I was about to turn 59. It was at this point, that I was feeling old and in need of guidance to figure out my life’s purpose.  Finding Kristen was an answer to prayer!  She helped me to sort out my feelings and set achievable goals. In just a short amount of time, I met every goal that I had aimed to complete. I felt better about myself. My focus was off aging and on to creating a meaningful, purposeful life.  With Kristen’s support and her helpful meditation CD, I am feeling happier and more centered than ever!”
Katie M.
“Working with Kristen was a very helpful and rewarding experience. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at life that I don’t think I would ever have found on my own. With her guidance and direction, I was able to introduce several new techniques that have helped me tremendously in my everyday life. I know that if I am ever at another point in my journey where I need help making a tough decision, I will definitely reach out to her again. Love Her!!!”
Lisa LeMay
“What I love most about Kristen is the way she helped me listen to myself and discover my own best next steps instead of giving me advice from her perspective. She asked all the right questions to help unravel and reveal my personal blocks.
I love having Kristen’s meditations to listen to at home. The morning meditation helps set the tone for my day and the manifestation meditation always leaves me smiling :)”
Amy Clow
“Kristen is fabulous! I’ve worked with her for about a year now and have seen immense changes ranging from my daily meditation practice to my diet. We also worked on larger goals such as getting into graduate school and right now I’m on a great track to getting there. Kristen helped me move forward and begin to craft a wonderful life. Both beautiful inside and out, I highly recommend Kristen as a life coach.”
Jon Camacho
“Like you always said to me, “Do the work, and I promise you things will happen!” I can’t believe where I am now versus where I was last year at this time. I’m on the road to Montana, and thanks to you I’m seeing more and more road signs. In fact, I’m almost to the Montana border!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”
Steve W.
“When I met Kristen I was a hot mess! I contribute my success to the tools Kristen gave me and her guidance and confidence in my ability! Meditation was not anything I had actively practiced before but after buying Kristen’s guided meditation CD, I was able to do so in the privacy of my home and reap the benefits. Thank you Kristen!”
Kathleen Mitchell
“Kristen is an incredibly amazing coach! She is very knowledgeable and very devoted to her clients. Through my work with her, she has helped me to understand that the universe is ready and willing to offer me an infinite abundance of opportunities. As a result of our work and the methods that she has taught me, I feel more in control of my life, have been able to elevate my energetic vibration and have a clearer understanding of how to set intentions and attain them. I am now living a much fuller life because of my increased understanding and awareness. I encourage you to work with Kristen and truly hope you find your time spent with her as life altering as I have! My best to you…”
Marisa Baranski
“So grateful and so excited! You have been a wonderful guide!  I can’t thank you enough.”
Karen F.
“Kristen has been a great resource for me. I listen to her meditation CD every morning to start my day and before going to sleep. She is a very effective Coach. With her coaching, I learned to identify my negative thinking and change it for a positive one. I am so happy I have Kristen in my life now. She is a great resource, a powerful coach, and a beautiful human being.”
Gladys Moreno
“I just wanted to let you know that you helped plant the tiny seeds that
 made big things happen!”
Jenna Nome
“Thank you!  Great coaching is inspiring!”
Julianne A.
“My experience with Kristen as my life coach has been an eye opener, a catalyst for my own internal personal development. Kristen gave me powerful tools and guided me to discover my own potential to do my best.   She helped me use my own talents and gifts to improve my personal, physical, and spiritual life. Her passion for her job and knowledge is inspiring. I always look forward to seeing her and learning from her.  She is my mentor and I am so grateful. Thank you Kristen. You are a blessing to me.”
Annette K.
“I am beyond grateful that I was referred to Kristen. She has changed my life for the better. I use to pity myself thinking my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  Through Kristen’s coaching, I have learned ways to better my life through my thoughts and actions. I now enjoy life to its fullest and several times a day I tell myself, “I love my life!” something I never dreamed of saying.  She is even there for me in between sessions. No counselor has helped me achieve as much as Kristen has. She truly cares about her clients and wants to see them successful in all avenues of their life. Kristen, thanks again for helping me create a happier and more positive life for myself. I look forward to continuing our work together.”
Meena A.
“Kristen has been a fantastic resource during my many life transitions in the past few years. She is wonderful at getting to the core of what is “off” or out of balance with her clients. She truly has a gift for helping individuals identify internal challenges and guiding them to a better understanding of what is going to work best for them. I really appreciate that she is so giving of her gifts and I highly recommend her and her services.”
Brieanna Casperson
“I really enjoy working with Kristen. Kristen is respectful and listens to your specific hopes and dreams. She has the ability to help you understand and plan long term goals. Kristen gives you the support and the skills to create concrete step by step short term goals that help you reach your dreams. Most importantly Kristen kindly and lovingly holds you accountable with your progress and plans thru email and texts. I highly recommend working with Kristen. She has been the biggest support in helping me change.”
Anna Johnson
“As an expectant mom juggling work and a high risk pregnancy, I felt overwhelmed with life. The stress was affecting me in many ways.  Working with Kristen changed everything. I was able to shift away from the fears and anxiety, reduce stress, and make time to nourish and care for myself properly. I am almost due to deliver my baby and have had an amazing pregnancy thanks to working with Kristen. I feel well equipped to enter this new stage of life connected to my inner brilliance, and filled with joy. I am sure that more challenges will show themselves as a new mom, but I feel prepared for anything!”
Tanya Romero
“My 10 year old son has always had a very difficult time settling his mind and falling asleep at night. Kristen suggested I try having him listen to her Meditation CD. I uploaded the CD on his iPod and he listens to the “Evening Meditation” track on his headphones every night in bed with the lights out. Since we began having him use Kristen’s CD, he has no trouble falling asleep any more. Kristen is amazing and inspiring…we feel so grateful for her recommendation!”
Jessica Tagliarini
“Kristen, your meditation CD has been great for me. I use it to get centered before my day begins. I definitely feel more present with my patients. I also find myself more efficient and productive throughout the day. Thanks a million!”
Dr. Justin Roth
“Brenda McCool introduced me to your CD Meditations for Personal Transformation….It’s changed my life.”
Chelsey Rae