How I Reversed Disease In 30 Days!

How I Reversed Disease In 30 Days |

For years, I ate what I considered a very healthy diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, whole dairy, vegetable protein, no refined sugar…

But almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with early onset periodontal disease. I was shocked. What? How can this be? I eat such a “healthy diet” and I’m only 35 years old!

The doctor recommended various invasive medical procedures, which I wasn’t willing to do.

So instead, I asked him to give me some time to heal my gums naturally.

A few days later at Barnes & Noble, the book titled the WHOLE30 magically caught my eye. It stated that following a 30-day anti-inflammatory diet could heal periodontal disease as well as many other illnesses.

So, for 30 days, I cut out: all grain, dairy, sugar (fruit was fine), corn, soy, legumes, and alcohol.

Within two weeks on the diet, I knew my gums were healing. When I went in for the next check-up, the Periodontist almost flew off the chair: My gums had restored themselves to a normal state. The periodontal disease was completely gone.

Going back to a diet of natural fruits and vegetables, protein, and fat can change and heal your life.

If you’re dealing with any kind of illness or just want to optimize your health and have more energy, I highly recommend reading and completing the WHOLE30.

It changed my life and I know it can change yours too.

With love,

Kristen xx



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