How To Find Your Life’s Purpose


A client of mine recently told me that her job was “sucking the life out of her.”

Yikes!!!! I wanted to tell her to run, but I knew that she couldn’t do that at the moment.

So, I asked her this question:

“If I gave you 10 million dollars and you never had to work another day in your life, what would you spend your days doing?”

“Would you go to yoga, read, dance, travel, cook delicious foods…?

She sat there in silence for a moment and then got excited as she began to rattle off all that she would do.

Within minutes, she began to understand why she felt the way that she did about her current job.  It wasn’t connected to any of her passions.

–Your passions are your direct link to your purpose.–

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in your job, take a moment to ask yourself the same question.  Put your pen to paper and brainstorm everything that you would do.

Be as specific as possible including the types of books you would read, types of stores you would visit…

This exercise has the ability to provide profound direction for you, if you allow it.

When you connect your passions with a universal need or service, your purpose will become clear for you.

So, allow your creative juices to flow by jotting down a list of your passions.  It can be your first step in truly finding work you love.

You deserve to wake up and love your life, especially what you do for a living.


Kristen xx



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