How to Get Anything You Want (Pretty Much)

How to Get Anything You Want (Pretty Much) |

I remember wanting to change careers, but felt overwhelmed and frustrated on how I was going to make it happen.

At the time, I didn’t realize that the most important information that I had access to was located within me.

My gut instincts told me what I needed to do, but fear was preventing me from listening and taking the appropriate action.

You have a wisdom within you that contains the directions to get you anything you want.

It works like ‘Siri’ on your cellphone. If you tell “Siri” that you want to get to “Montana,” she will start to give you directions and guide you immediately.

But, if you’re listening to really loud music in your car, it will be hard if not impossible to hear her guidance.

Just like Siri, you also have a guidance system within you and it’s also trying to get you to where you want to be. You may keep saying to yourself, “I need a career change,” but you may not be able to hear the directions from your internal wisdom.

If this is the case, it’s likely that your “inner music” is too loud within and/or filled with fear, worry, or frustration, so it’s going to be very difficult to get clear directions on your next steps.

So, how do you (really) get anything you want?

The first step is to start a daily morning meditation practice and quiet things down within you. My suggestion would be to take at least 5 deep breaths and clearly state what you want. An intention may be:  “I can have a career and life that I love. I open myself to receive the guidance that I need to take my next step forward.”

If you’re just starting out with meditation or would like a little more guidance, you can download my guided meditations, which will guide you through the process of relaxation and intention setting.

So, quiet things down within you, set clear intentions, listen for answers and take the action that you’re being guided toward. You’ll see that you’ll be where you want to be sooner than later.

Keep following your heart. I believe in you.


Kristen xx



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