How To Say Goodbye To Excuses

Have you wanted to accomplish something for a while, but just can’t seem to get it done?

Maybe you make weekly or even daily excuses as to why you shouldn’t do it, so it just gets pushed off.

Imagine the relief and joy if you just did it – Yay, it’s DONE!

Know that putting off the little things that need to get done (putting away your pile of clothes, fixing the broken light, making the call…) is what actually blocks the energy you need to tackle your bigger goals.

So, the key to getting the big things done and saying goodbye to excuses is to set goals to tackle the small things first.

Remember, your point of power is always in THIS moment.

Right here and now, come up with ONE SMALL goal that you can accomplish by the end of today. Make sure it’s something that will make you feel really good if you get it done.

After you get it done, which I know you can, take note of how good you feel.

It’s in this feeling (of accomplishment) that you’ll be able set more goals for yourself and actually stick to them.
Keep moving forward and write out at least a few SMALL goals each week and ‘just do it!’

Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing all of your goals, big or small.

In order to change your life for the better, things must change.

You got this!


Kristen xx



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