My confession…

My Confession |

Confession time.

Last night I had some chocolate. Yes I did. And to be completely honest with you, it was really, really, good!

You may know that I just finished an 8-week sugar cleanse and got all sugar out of my diet. It was an absolutely amazing personal experience, which helped me to get control over the sugar in my life.

The reason that I want to share this with you is because last night, I was able to have a piece of chocolate and leave it at that! I was so excited because in the past, I would have wanted to keep having more, and more.

Here is a great tip to help YOU begin to stop the sugar craze once and for all:

ADD MORE FAT in your diet. Yes, I said fat. This includes: coconut products, oils, salmon,… Remember, good quality whole food fat will not make you fat.  

For optimal health and well-being remember to stay away from processed foods and eat a variety of whole foods: vegetables, fruits, proteins, and good quality fats.  

Be sure to check out my recipes if you need some good ideas for clean eating!

With love,

Kristen xx



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