{Guided Meditation} How to let go of the past

Having a hard time letting go of something that’s no longer serving you?

It could be as simple as a negative belief (“Nothing ever works out for me.”) or as difficult as a wounded heart.

Imagine how much lighter you’d feel if you were able to let it go right now.  Imagine the ease and peace you’d feel inside.

From the many years of meditating and leading guided meditations for my clients, I’ve found that meditation can be a great tool for releasing old energy from the past that is no longer serving us.

In this video, I’ll take you through one of my guided meditations that’s specific for letting go and releasing.

When you let go of what you no longer need, you open up room for what you do.

I suggest taking the time to go through the meditation without distractions, so shut everything down, close your eyes, and take some time for yourself.

I truly hope it serves you well.


Kristen xx



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